We’re on the ground in some of the world’s most dangerous countries — helping to put those lives back together

Two million children have been killed in armed conflicts throughout the world over the last ten years. Four million children have been disabled in these conflicts. Many millions more, themselves traumatized, have had their communities destroyed, or have been denied the opportunity to celebrate in full their childhood and prevented from developing the livelihood skills that they will need to live fulfilling lives as they grow.War Child believes that children should never be the victims of armed conflict. For those children who become victims of armed conflict, War Child believes that their security and access to quality health, education and recreational facilities and services should still be a right and that, wherever possible, they should benefit from the love and care of their families and communities.

War Child Ireland was set up in 2003 in order to support the work of War Child International. War Child Ireland is run by a voluntary board of trustee directors. There are no staffing or office costs therefore all donations go directly to our work overseas helping children in warzones.

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