Vulnerable Girls In Goma


Supporting vulnerable girls in Goma

We’re helping 800 vulnerable girls and young women in the so-called
‘rape capital of the world’. Our project is providing counselling,
sanctuary and education for street girls and former girl soldiers.

Eastern D.R. Congo is one of the most dangerous places on earth to be a woman. The area has witnessed a horrific level of rape and sexual violence. A study revealed that an average of 48 women are raped every hour in Congo – and that is likely to seriously underestimate the true figure because many women don’t report these incidents for fear of being stigmatised.

More than one million people have been displaced from their homes in the region. Many flee to the relative safety of big towns like Goma – but without a job or anywhere to live, young women often end up on the streets and are forced into prostitution.

In partnership with local NGO Don Bosco we’re hoping to support 800 girls over three years. We aim to reunify them with their families, or to give them the skills to live independently.